The Legacy Society

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Thanks to the philanthropy of all planned gift donors the work of Red Cross will be carried into the future.

Through the Legacy Society we pay special tribute and sincerely thank those individuals and families who have helped ensure Red Cross’ continued presence in our communities by naming the American Red Cross as beneficiary of their planned gift. Thanks to the foresight and philanthropy of all planned gift donors the humanitarian work of Red Cross will be carried into the future.

Planned Giving

Planned Gifts - What are they?

Most contributions to the Red Cross are outright gifts: a donor writes a check, feels great about what they are accomplishing through their contribution and gets a tax deduction. But there are special kinds of contributions called "planned" gifts that bring surprising additional benefits to donors, such as...

  • income for life
  • increased retirement income
  • capital gain tax avoidance
  • unusually high rates of return
  • income for others, such as children or other loved ones
  • stable income that avoids stock market volatility, for people at a stage in their lives where: they can't tolerate big swings in the stock market, the ability to make a much larger contribution than one would think possible, estate tax avoidance (for estates of $2 million and up for 2006-08)

We look forward to doing our wonderful work in this community for a long, long time, and planned gifts are an important part of strengthening the local Red Cross for the long term. And if designated to "the Endowment Fund of the American Red Cross Serving Central Pennsylvania," they even provide a way to "live forever."

The world's foremost humanitarian organization, built entirely on human goodness, is very much alive right here in the Harrisburg area. Please join other good friends of the Red Cross from our community who help us and themselves through a planned gift.

In planned giving, the emphasis is on meeting needs of the donor. Contact Julie McIsaac at (609) 951-2122 or email

When considering a planned gift, the American Red Cross always advises consulting with your financial advisor.