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Volunteer Opportunities (Ages 18 +)

Group Volunteering / “Ready When the Time Comes”

Disasters can happen anytime and anywhere in the 31-county area served by the Eastern Oklahoma Red Cross. It’s critical that the Red Cross respond quickly and efficiently with trained volunteers to begin caring for people’s immediate needs.

Red Cross “Ready When the Time Comes” teams help meet the need by training to respond to disasters in their own communities. Businesses, civic organizations and churches are just a few examples of groups that field volunteer teams to come to the immediate aid of people in their own communities.

The team is trained in large-scale disaster response, including shelter operations, mass feeding, bulk item distribution, damage assessment as well as other disaster response functions.

For information about how your company, civic group, church or organization can join the Ready When the Time Comes program, all 918-831-1226.

Grainger is a national founding sponsor of the Ready When the Time Comes program.

Emergency Response & Disaster Services

Disaster Action Team (DAT)

DAT volunteers respond to the scene of local disasters, most commonly home fires. The volunteers provide help with immediate needs such as shelter, food and clothing. DAT volunteers respond at all hours of the day and night, including weekends and holidays to help those in need. Volunteers are thoroughly trained and sign up for the on-call shifts that work best for them.

Client Caseworkers

Casework volunteers provide emergency assistance to those affected by a disaster and also help with client referrals to community resources aimed at meeting longer-term needs.

Disaster Health Services

Volunteers serve primarily on major disaster relief operations to deliver health care for those affected by a disaster.

Disaster Mental Health

Disasters can be emotionally difficult for those impacted by the disaster as well as for those involved in the relief operation. Disaster Mental Health volunteers provide mental health services at the scene for clients and relief workers.

Community Education

Community Disaster Education / “Be Red Cross Ready”

Helping communities prepare for disaster is an important part of the Red Cross mission. Community disaster education volunteers teach “Be Red Cross Ready,” (basic emergency prevention and preparedness) to community groups, businesses, schools and other organizations.

First Aid/CPR Presentations

Volunteers teach community groups how to conduct proper First AId and CPR. Training and presentation materials are provided before teaching.

Red Cross Awareness

Volunteers speak to organizations and conduct chapter tours to help our community better understand the vital role the Red Cross plays in a community and the many ways the Red Cross touches lives through disaster response, preparedness and training.


Special Events

Volunteers can participate in Red Cross community outreach or fundraising events by staffing tables or booths or helping with set-up.

Young Professionals League

Young Professionals come together to support the Red Cross through parades and other community projects, and through events such as disaster-related fundraising phone banks.


Red Cross volunteers can recruit others to join the Red Cross volunteer ranks.

Red Cross Chapter Support

Volunteers are needed to help with chapter administrative duties in all departments.