Are you prepared for an emergency situation? What if you have to leave your home after a fire or flood? What if you are evacuated after a sudden earthquake? After a disaster, how will you let family, friends and people in your life know you are safe? Do you have important items and emergency supplies gathered together in an emergency preparedness kit?

Every person in Southern Oregon needs to take simple steps to ensure they are personally prepared for emergencies large and small, and the Red Cross is here to help.

Red Cross instructor teaching two people first aid at their office

Schedule a Red Cross Presentation

Are you interested in making sure your family, school, co-workers and community are prepared? Attend a free class or schedule a presentation to get your community prepared before disaster strikes.

Red Cross instructor teaching two people first aid at their office

Preparedness Tool Kit

The Red Cross has many resources available to help keep you and your loved ones informed and safe. From detailed information to preparing your home, school and workplace in the event of a disaster or emergency to fact sheets, checklists, recovery guides and other helpful information.

American Red Cross disaster preparedness kit

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Shop the Red Cross Store for Emergency Preparedness, First Aid, Books and DVDs, Apparel and Accessories, Training Supplies, Kits and Supplies for Business, and Continuing Education Units.

Red Cross Apps

Red Cross Apps

Put life-saving information at your fingertips with the Red Cross mobile apps . Free apps include the First Aid, Hurricane, Shelter Finder, Earthquake and Wildfire App. Each app provides instant expert advice for everyday emergencies and is available for iPhone and Android devices.