Transportation Services

American Red Cross has been providing transportation services to community groups and individuals for decades. Many of the original Red Cross transportation programs were provided to military personnel and their families. As time went by, Motor Corps, as it was called, began to focus on civilian transportation needs as well.

Today, the Oregon Trail Chapter of the American Red Cross is one of a network of agencies that provides accessible transportation for senior and disabled riders in Multnomah and Washington Counties. Our goal is to match ride requests with a volunteer driver who will ensure safe, on-time, door-to-door service.

As many as 50 volunteers help furnish an average of 150 rides per day, totaling nearly 40,000 rides each year. The vehicles used in the program range from mini-vans to mini-buses seating 12 riders. All of the fleet can accommodate clients in wheelchairs.

Red Cross Transportation Services depends on valued volunteers who dedicate their time as drivers, escorts and dispatchers. Without their continued commitment, the program would not exist.

Who is eligible?
Seniors or people with special needs because of limited mobility or other disabilities are eligible for Red Cross transportation services. Riders must register with Red Cross prior to receiving service. To register, contact Ride Connection at (503) 226-0700.
What is the cost?
Although there is no charge for Red Cross transportation services, donations are accepted. We suggest a $1.50 donation each way to support the program's operation. Riders who receive Medicaid benefits support Red Cross transportation services through that program.