Service to the Armed Forces

  • military family gets help in poconos

America’s everyday military heroes give up the comfort and freedom of living here in the United States to serve their country – wherever their mission might take them.

“I am so grateful to the American Red Cross of the Poconos for acting quickly and compassionately in helping to deliver my request to my son’s military commander in Iraq. I asked that he could be granted Emergency Leave and come home in our time of need. Thanks to the Red Cross, my son got home in time to say goodbye before the passing of his mother, and was there with me.” – Father of a local military service member

The Red Cross works on behalf of the American public to ensure that our military personnel get help whenever and wherever they need it – whether it is a crisis back home or if they are injured in combat.

We also give service members the comfort of knowing that we will be there if their families turn to us for help, allowing our heroes to stay focused on their mission.

Around the clock, every day of the year, the Red Cross answers a call for help from a military family member who may be alone or in need. We can provide immediate financial assistance or link that family with resources in our community such as the local Food Bank or Energy Assistance.


Contact:Jen Pierce, 610-865-4400 ext. 221 (8:30am-4:30pm) or (877) 272-7337 (24 hours a day) Email:

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Red Cross man delivering an emergency communication to a military service woman

Additional Military Services

The American Red Cross provides many services to the military and their families. Read about all the services we provide here.