Home Fire Prevention

Help Prevent America's Biggest Disaster Threat: Home Fires

In 2010, the American Red Cross responded to more than 63,000 home fires that’s one every eight minutes! But unlike other disasters, most home fires can be prevented.

Reduce Your Risk

Your home may be full of fire hazards that you aren’t aware of. From your kitchen stove, to a romantic candle, to festive holiday lights, common household items can turn dangerous very quickly. Our fire safety fact sheets will help you learn to use them more safely – or decide that some items simply aren’t worth the risk.

Create a Home Fire Plan to Survive

The most important things to save in a fire are lives: you, your family and your pets. And the first step is knowing that a fire is occuring.

The Red Cross Helps - and So Can You

The Red Cross is committed to teaching people the skills they need to prevent home fires, and helping people recover after a fire happens. At any time of day or night, trained Red Cross volunteers are activated to respond to the scene of home fires and provide food, shelter and emotional support to those affected.

All Red Cross disaster assistance is free to those in need because of the generous donations from people like you. Help your neighbors recover from disasters like home fires by making a tax-deductible donation to your local Red Cross.