Raid Cross

Are you game? Participate in a Raid Cross simulation activity!

Adolescents are surrounded by violence. Usually they see it in political or historical terms (through the media, teaching and literature) or in the context of amusements (video games, movies). The purpose of Raid Cross is to make adolescents aware of the realities of armed conflict and humanitarian action, giving them tools for interpreting events and situations they encounter every day.

Raid Cross is a role-playing simulation activity designed by the French and Belgian Red Cross to learn about the basic rules of International Humanitarian Law (IHL), understand the importance of these rules, and explore humanitarian issues involved in conflict situations. With Raid Cross, you get to explore dilemmas in armed conflict from the inside.

During the activity, participants get sent to the fictional country of Haddar that has been attacked by the neighboring country of Deldar. The armed conflict between the countries has been going on for 13 months, and you – as a player- are confronted with different challenges. To deal with them, you must take on, in turn, the roles of civilians, soldiers, prisoners and humanitarian workers.

Raid Cross encourages more extensive thought about international humanitarian law. It focuses on the protection of life and human dignity in wartime and educates participants of the basic rules of war.

Respect for IHL can help contain the escalation of violence, as well as the destruction and suffering caused by armed conflict. It can also promote a return to peaceful means of resolving conflicts that prevent unnecessary suffering and preserve human dignity.