Collect Consumer Donations

Raise Funds for the Red Cross by Collecting Consumer Donations

Thank you for your interest in raising funds for the Red Cross by collecting consumer donations from visitors to your retail locations, branches or website. It’s a great way to make even small contributions - customers' loose change really adds up! Plus, everyone gets that great feeling that comes from helping others. By choosing to partner with the Red Cross, you’re partnering with a highly recognized organization with tremendous credibility, brand awareness, established relationships with the people in their communities and influence in the digital world.

Of course, consumer generosity goes even farther if your business adds a matching gift to your clients' effort, so we hope you will consider adding that extra encouragement.

Please complete the form below to submit the request for your planned fundraising effort as it is necessary to receive written approval from the Red Cross before engaging in any activity that makes use of the American Red Cross brand.