Donating Goods

Collections or Donations of Household Items

The American Red Cross does not accept or solicit small quantities of individual donations of items for emergency relief purposes. Items such as collections of food, used clothing, and shoes often must be cleaned, sorted, and repackaged which impedes the valuable resources of money, time, and personnel that are needed for other aspects of our relief operation.

The Red Cross, in partnership with other agencies, suggests that the best use for those types of donations is to support needy agencies within donors' local communities.

The best way to help a disaster victim is through a financial donation to the Red Cross. Financial contributions allow the Red Cross to purchase exactly what is needed for the disaster relief operation. Monetary donations to charity also enable the Red Cross to purchase relief supplies close to the disaster site which avoids delays and transportation costs in getting basic necessities to disaster victims. Because the affected area has generally experienced significant economic loss, purchasing relief supplies in or close to the disaster site also helps to stimulate the weakened local economy.

Donations of Non-Household Items, Including Large Quantities of Uniform Bulk Donations

The Red Cross does work with corporate partners to accept non-household items, based on need. These donations are in very large quantities of uniform bulk donations, in proper packaging. For more information, please complete this form.

Sell Personal Items Online to Benefit the Red Cross

  • You can support the American Red Cross through the online sale of personal items, through the eBay Giving Works program, or support your own community by donating these items to a local organization that is equipped to put them to the best possible local use.
  • Support the American Red Cross by selling your personal items on the Web Thrift store, an online platform that allows you to list items, set a price, and then donate the proceeds of the sale to the Red Cross.