Advanced Child Care Training

What is it?

Advanced Child Care Training gives you the tools you need to provide the best care to infants and children aged 10 and younger. Geared for sitters, nannies, au pairs and caregivers 16 and older, this course is composed of both online and in-person learning, ensuring that you receive the knowledge and skill-set you need in the most engaging format. In this course you will experience:
  • 2 hours of online, Simulation Learning
  • 6 hours classroom training

Topics Covered

  • Providing first aid and CPR
  • Recognizing and handling common behavioral challenges
  • Providing basic care for infants and children
  • Tools and templates to market yourself to clients
  • Choosing age-appropriate activities
  • Coping with emergency situations
  • And much more!
Note: This program is not intended as certification for state licensed child care providers and does not meet all state requirements for such certification.

Who is it for?

This course provides training to any individuals 16 or older who look after children on a part-time or full-time basis. This includes:
  • Nannies and au pairs
  • Teens and adults working as sitters
  • New parents and grandparents
Note: This program is not intended as certification for state licensed child care providers and does not meet all state requirements for such certification.
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What's simulation learning?

American Red Cross Simulation Learning is an engaging, cutting edge training experience that immerses students in an animated, virtual world filled with simulated scenarios to explore. It has been designed to help the student discover, learn and practice the procedures required to earn certification.
  • The Simulation Learning portion of the Advanced Child Care Training course is online and will take approximately 2 hours to complete. It is self-paced so you can complete the course according to your time needs.
  • Explore a virtual neighborhood made up of 4 families, each with different child care needs and experiences, as well as your own "house" where you will find further learning and resource materials.
  • Once you enter a family’s house, you will have access to their family profile, where you can find information on the children and preview topics that will be covered. You will also be able to review the Family Interview Form, including important information about the children you care for, including allergies, parent’s preferences, etc.
  • Within each of the four families, you will experience 2 interactive scenarios, as well as “Click & Learns” where you will find helpful information covering a wide range of relevant child care topics.
  • Your progress with each family is automatically saved, so you have the freedom to explore the neighborhood at your own pace and in whatever order you want.
  • Scenarios involve rich 3D animations in which characters react to your choices in a “choose-your-own-adventure” format. Don’t know what to do? Type your questions in the “Ask a question” bar to gather info, or click “Hint” for detailed information about a subject. In the end you receive individualized feedback based on the specific choices you made throughout the scenario.
  • Once you score 80% or higher in each family, head on over to the Test Center for your final evaluation, where you must score 80% to complete the online learning portion of the course.
Once you’ve successfully passed the final evaluation, you will be ready to take the in-person class that’s included in your registration.