Red Cross on Tour

The Red Cross on Tour program is designed to reach out to area second and third-graders with fire safety and disaster preparedness information in a fun-filled format. Every year, the Red Cross assists over 200 area families who are displaced due to home fires. Red Cross on Tour reaches children with safety messaging they can share with their families, making our community safer.

Two Disaster Services volunteers travel to area schools in the Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) to meet with students. The 45 minutes to an hour class teaches children how to be safe, avoid fire hazards and about disaster preparedness in general. The volunteers make the class fun, entertaining and informative, getting started with an age-appropriate video. The rest of the allotted time features a tour of the ERV, which usually generates the most excitement. In addition, the kids take home material to share with their families on being safe.

Last year the Red Cross reached over 1000 children in 14 area schools in ten counties and this number is increasing. If your school would like more information, please call our Disaster Services department at 865-584-2999 or e-mail .