School Health Clinics

  • Knoxville Red Cross, School Clinics Nurse with patient

In 1966, the American Red Cross Tennessee Mountain Valley opened its first school health clinic in Cedar Bluff Elementary School. Forty-two years later, the program has grown to include 36 schools in Knox County alone and over 900 volunteers. The Red Cross school health clinics are staffed entirely by volunteers, who are typically parents of a child attending a particular school. Most of the clinics are located in local elementary schools; however, there are a few stationed in area middle schools and high schools. Additionally, these clinics can be found in both public and private schools in Knox County.

Normal school health clinic activities includes taking care of cuts and scrapes, applying ice packs and talking to parents when children are sick. All volunteers are trained in First Aid and are able to recognize the signs of a more serious health-related issue, such as the signs of shock or a seizure. All school health clinic volunteers must complete an online Red Cross volunteer application, as well as a background check. Clinic volunteers must also undergo a five-hour school health clinic training class, in which they will learn basic First Aid and how to operate a school health clinic. Upon completion, volunteers will be certified to work in a Red Cross school health clinic for the next three years. If you are interested in becoming a school health clinic volunteer, call the Red Cross at 865-584-2999 or e-mail