Volunteer Opportunities

Local Disaster Volunteer

The Red Cross has a number of areas where local disaster volunteers can contribute. They include:

Disaster Action Team (DAT) Volunteer - Trained Disaster Action Team volunteers learn through class and field training how to work on a local disaster relief operation. American Red Cross of East Tennessee responds to natural disasters (such as tornadoes, floods, winter storms, etc.); and technological disasters (hazardous material spills, apartment fires, train derailments, etc.). Volunteers conduct "Disaster Assessment" after a disaster strikes; perform "Mass Care" activities such as mobile feeding in affected communities from the American Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicle; provide disaster health services and mental health services. Training is available in many different fields of expertise.

Community Disaster Education Volunteer - These volunteers teach school-age children the steps to take when a tornado watch or warning occurs, when a fire starts at home, or when there is severe weather. Learn to present this information at schools, neighborhood meetings, and at special community events.

National Disaster Volunteer

The Red Cross has a nationwide network of trained disaster volunteers available for two to three weeks at a time to go anywhere in the United States and its territories that have been affected by disaster. The training required is dependent upon what function a volunteer serves in on an operation. Many different fields are available, including: casework, shelter work, mass feeding, logistics, disaster assessment, government liaison, public affairs, fundraising, physical health services, mental health services, staffing and many others.

Service to the Armed Forces

Military Case Worker

Volunteer conducts interviews with members of the military and/or their families, relaying emergency communications between the two. Workers are needed for both the office and after-hours. Necessary skills include general counseling, listening and all aspects of social work.

Health and Safety Services


Train individuals, families, and businesses in first aid and CPR. Individuals are trained to recognize and provide care in life-threatening emergencies such as respiratory or cardiac problems, sudden illness, or injuries to infants, children or adults. Instructor classes are offered quarterly at the chapter.

Health and Safety Instructor

Volunteers needed to teach community as well as preschool and elementary school classes in CPR, First Aid, water safety, and other youth safety presentations.

Baby Sitting Course Instructor

Volunteers become certified to teach American Red Cross Baby Sitting course to teenagers.

Youth Volunteer

American Red Cross youth programs provide youth and young adults with meaningful opportunities to learn and to serve their communities in the East Tennessee area. Youth programs build character and provide tools and experience for leadership, strong communication skills and community service. Red Cross youth volunteers develop these skills and establish a sense of awareness by interacting with those in need.

Red Cross Clubs

American Red Cross school clubs offer ways to put your talent, skills and passion to work for a greater purpose and connect you with the largest humanitarian movement in the world. Being part of a Red Cross school club, you have the opportunity to work closely with local Red Cross units, become engaged in projects addressing some of the greatest needs of our nation and the world. You will create, plan and participate in service projects that can help your school, your community and even make a global impact.

School clubs can also offer you many opportunities for self-development and empower you to build critical leadership skills. They can be a fun, energetic experience that enables you to expand your social network and build life-long friendships as you connect with other young volunteers who have the same passion for helping others as you do!

Youth Volunteers/Programs

Volunteer opportunities for students include answering the phone, doing office work, help with mailings, preparing materials for classes and computer data entry.

Youth Team Leader: Adults are needed to help coordinate and supervise activities and service projects.

Community Relations Volunteer


The Communications Department has a number of opportunities to work in media and community relations, Disaster Public Affairs (DPA), social engagement, public speaking, video production and photography.


The Development office has several events throughout the year. Volunteers are needed to assist and help out on these events.

Administrative Volunteer


Volunteer will answer phones, pay bills, data entry, and other admin tasks.

Fleet and Facilities

Volunteer will take vehicles to shop, use fleet management system. Position is at the Knox and Blount facilities.


Volunteer will help answer the phones and greet the public. Volunteer will help with filing and sorting of general business forms and paperwork, stocking supplies and inventory and assisting with various duties for fundraising and special events. Business or accounting experience desired but not required.