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If you are ready to give selflessly of time and energy to your neighbor, your friend or even a complete stranger moments after they experience a disaster on the most personal level, then you are ready to become an American Red Cross volunteer.
“God didn’t bless me with a lot of money, but he did bless me with a way to help people by having a big heart,” said Raenell Gore.

Our volunteers follow in the compassionate footsteps of our founder and great humanitarian, Clara Barton and we depend on communities to fill varied positions, train when the skies are blue and prepare ahead of the need.

The Red Cross dedicates to taking willing hands and training them to be hands that embrace and empower our community.

Volunteers constitute about 95 percent of the American Red Cross workforce.

They make it possible to provide services such as responding to nearly 70,000 disaster every year, teaching millions of people lifesaving skills, collecting approximately 6.3 million units of blood from roughly 3.7 million volunteer donors, delivering urgent family messages to members of the military, reconnecting hundreds of families separated by war and disaster around the world.

What it takes to be a volunteer

Dedication to serve the public in times of great need.

Willingness to use talents to help the deliver our mission.

Ability to work alongside other volunteers, staff and board members to make the quality of Red Cross services unmatched.