Veteran's History Project

Service to the Armed Forces (SAF)

Veteran's History Project

Red Cross volunteer services to U.S. veterans date back to World War I and are consistent with the mission of its congressional charter. The American Red Cross’ support for the Veteran’s History Project demonstrates our commitment to veterans and the importance of sharing stories to strengthen one’s mental health after a disaster or life changing experience.

If you have a story to tell or know someone who does, please call 214-678-4800. Volunteers are also needed to capture the stories. Please call or email if you are interested.

Growing our Nation’s Veteran Oral History 100,000 Stories Strong
The current goal for the Veteran’s History Project is to reach 100,000 veterans stories. The American Red Cross is committed to helping the Library of Congress surpass that goal by recruiting and training interviewers, collecting stories and filing them with the Library of Congress where they can be archived as our nation’s legacy.

History Behind the Project

In October 2000, The United States Congress unanimously voted for legislation to create the Veterans History Project (VHP) at the American Folklife Center of the Library of Congress (LOC). Since then, the American Red Cross’ Service to the Armed Forces division has joined the Library of Congress’ efforts to endorse the project.

The VHP honors American war veterans by recording the stories of their service to America. The VHP makes the first person accounts of America’s veterans readily available by collecting, recording and preserving them for our families and future generations. The American Red Cross (ARC) is committed to supporting the safeguard of these valuable stories, before they are lost forever.

The American Red Cross aids the Library of Congress by endorsing, and by devoting a portion of our volunteer resources to the cause. The ARC plans to raise awareness and support for the project providing this guide as a format on how to conduct the documentation process and train our volunteers on the proper interview techniques and procedures.