About Us

  • American Red Cross North Texas Region
The American Red Cross serves the northeastern parts of Texas surrounding Paris and Texarkana areas 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
I’m just a helper, traveling through life, trying to help another,” said Red Cross volunteer and Katrina survivor Nelson Lanehart.

Our compassionate volunteers care for and support our friends and neighbors facing the worst moments of their lives due to disasters. We are also a part of a relationship with the North Texas Region who serves our neighbors down the street, across the country and around the world.

Our mission at the Red Cross empowers people to become survivors. Through trainings and preparedness steps, knowledge becomes action and action saves lives.

Discover the American Red Cross and the people behind the mission in our community.

A Brief History

The history of our chapter parallels the calamities and disasters that have occurred in the area. Hurricanes, floods, explosions, fires and the effects of war on local residents are backdrops to our continual story.
  • 2000
    Construction was completed on the cutting edge Emergency Preparedness Center at the Texarkana Area Chapter and would later be used to coordinate the sheltering efforts of thousands during Tropical Storm Allison and Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Ike.
  • 1982

    In 1982, The Lamar County Chapter played an integral role in helping the County rebuild from the devastating, and in some cases fatal, tornadoes that damaged over 450 and caused over $50 million in damage (dollar amount in 1982).

    The Lamar County Chapter partners with Camp Maxey to lead efforts in providing support and comforts of home to members of the military that train and carry out pre-deployment activities at the facility.

  • 1917

    June 22, 1917 — The Bowie-Miller County Chapter received its official Charter from the National Organization, chaired by Mrs. A.J. Kizer and Mrs. Arthur Temple. Over the years, the Chapter took on more counties in Oklahoma and became known as the Tri-State Chapter. In 1994, we were realigned and renamed the Texarkana Area Chapter to include 10 counties in Texas and 1 county (Bowie) in Arkansas.

    During WWI and WWII, the Texarkana Area Chapter was very active in operating a canteen and providing support to members of the military and their families