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Volunteers are essential to the leadership and the delivery of services in fulfillment of the Red Cross mission. Without our volunteers, the Red Cross could not provide relief to victims of disasters or help people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies. Whether you want to volunteer for a few hours a month, once a year or on an ongoing basis the Red Cross needs your help. Volunteer opportunities are numerous and rewarding. Please continue to learn about some of those opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunities

Emergency Services

The American Red Cross responds to hundreds of emergency calls each year to assist families affected by fires, floods and other natural disasters. Previous experience is not required; all training is provided to Red Cross Volunteers free of charge.

Disaster Action Team Member
Members of Disaster Action Teams (DAT) are the first Red Cross volunteers to arrive at the scene of a disaster providing immediate emergency services to individuals and families. People displaced because of a disaster may need immediate assistance such as shelter, food and clothing. Disaster Action Teams are scheduled to be on-call on a rotating basis.
This position requires volunteers to be 18 years of age and to have reliable transportation and a working phone. You must also complete the necessary training, and respond as needed, in all types of weather; at all hours of the day and night

Client Caseworker
Client Casework volunteers continue to help those affected by a disaster by providing emergency food, clothing and housing; providing financial, counseling, health related services and assistance and reunification or welfare information. This job may be performed at the scene of a disaster or at our Red Cross Chapters.

Administrator on Call (AOC)
These volunteers answer emergency calls to the chapter and dispatch Disaster Action Team volunteers to the scene of the emergency and can be done from their home. AOC’s are scheduled to be on-call on a rotating basis and must have a working phone.

Mass Care Volunteer
When a large disaster occurs, Red Cross may be asked to manage a shelter for displaced individuals and families. These volunteers may help to ensure shelters are appropriately chosen, set up and equipped with all necessary items. Volunteer Shelter Workers may be asked to set up cots for a dormitory area and/or serve food during meal times. Shelter Workers must be 18 years of age, adaptable to various work settings and weather conditions; be able to lift 20 pounds and perform under stressful disaster conditions to include long periods of sitting or standing.

Damage Assessment Volunteer
The disaster assessment activity provides decision making information for a disaster relief operation of any size. Disaster Assessment volunteers gather, analyze, interpret and distribute accurate and timely information about the extent of damage, overall impact, weather conditions and demographics of a disaster-affected community.

Disaster Mental Health (DMH) Volunteer
DMH volunteers provide crisis interventions, mental health screening and assessment, emotional care and support, referrals, advocacy, mediation, consultation, psychosocial education and mobilization and psychological triage. You must be a licensed health professional and provide a valid mental health license at the time of the volunteer interviews.

Disaster Health Services (HS) Volunteer
The role of the volunteer is to provide health-related services and secure resources to meet the health needs of people affected by disaster. They provide emergency and preventive health services to disaster victims and to Red Cross Disaster Services staff assigned to provide disaster relief services.
All Disaster Health Services personnel must have a current license or certificate in their field.

Logistics Volunteer
These volunteers support activities and services necessary to conduct a disaster relief operation, including the securing of facilities, supplies and equipment required for an effective response. Warehousing and transportation are also part of the logistics activity.

Government Liaison Volunteer
We at the Red Cross can't do it alone. When the community needs us most, we partner with local government agencies and officials to get the job done. Our Government Liaison volunteers not only act as the "face of the Red Cross" to our government partners, but also serve as the primary communication channel during disaster response operations.
Between disasters, our Government Liaisons work tirelessly to cultivate and strengthen relationships with our government partners. When disaster strikes - our Government Liaisons are there to serve in city and county Emergency Operations Centers (EOC's), relaying valuable information between the Red Cross and our government partners.

Services to the Armed Forces

Service to the Armed Forces has been an important part of our mission from the beginning. We continue to serve military members and their families with emergency communications that link them with their families back home, access to financial assistance, resiliency education, and assistance to veterans.

Military Support Volunteer
Fort Bliss and William Beaumont AMC volunteers support activities and provide services to our military community members and their families. Volunteer opportunities include our hospital program, military outreach, summer youth program, and linking families during emergency situations.

Public Affairs

Dedicated Public Affairs Volunteers are the voice of our organization in the community every day and in times of disaster. Gain invaluable experience while helping our community.

Public Information Officer
Be the face of the American Red Cross! Represent the Red Cross to the community throughout the year and to local media during times of disasters. We’ll provide you the training you need to be an official spokesperson for the American Red Cross.

Red Cross Ambassador
Do you like public speaking? These volunteers make presentations to community groups, e.g. business, churches, schools, etc. One on one training with scripts and “talking points” is provided.

Community Ambassador
Assists in delivering the Red Cross Mission to the public through community events and fairs distributing literature and information.


The work of the American Red Cross depends on financial donations to provide life-saving services offered. You can help as a Development Volunteer with a variety of options such as fundraising campaigns, special events, grant writing and donor stewardship.

Office of Volunteers

Volunteers assist with writing volunteer job descriptions, setting up volunteer orientation courses, conduct volunteer screening interviews, help with volunteer placement, record keeping and recognition.

These volunteers ensure that all visitors to American Red Cross facilities are greeted warmly and provided with the best customer service. In addition, they are responsible for answering and redirecting incoming phone calls in a professional, timely manner.


Volunteers needed to help with routine maintenance duties such as stocking supplies, inventory and fleet maintenance.


Volunteers are needed in all departments to assist with bulk mailing, filing, data entry and inventory etc.