Volunteer Opportunities

  • Become a Volunteer
In North Texas, volunteers make up more than 95% of the Red Cross work force. Fill out an application to volunteer in the DFW area and take the first step making a difference in your community!

Volunteer Opportunities

Become a disaster response volunteer

Disaster Response & Support

Provide relief and assistance to individuals and families affected by disasters! Serve as a member of the Disaster Action Team, respond to large disasters locally, regionally, and nationally; or support disaster operations with all kinds of skills needed.

Jobs may include:

  • Disaster Action Team Member
  • Client Caseworker
  • North Texas Regional Dispatcher
  • Disaster Services Human Resource (DSHR) Administrator
  • Disaster Services Human Resource (DSHR) Assistant Administrator
  • Disaster Training Materials/Schedule Coordinator
  • Disaster Instructor Coordinator
  • Learning Management System (LMS) Coordinator
  • Disaster Volunteer Management Team (DVMT) Executive Secretary
  • Field Operations Calendar Coordinator
  • Logistics Supply Associate

Become an SAF volunteer

Service to the Armed Forces & International Services

Support military families, soldiers, and veterans through a variety of fulfilling ways! Serve as a caseworker assisting military families; help connect loves ones and deliver information nationally and internationally; or support local armed forces active in your community. Volunteer with the International Services to provide education about International Humanitarian Law and put into action the tracing of loved ones, bridging communication gaps and reconnecting international families.

Jobs may include:

  • Service to the Armed Forces (SAF) Caseworker
  • Service to the Armed Forces (SAF) Presenter
  • Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS) Associate
  • International Services Volunteer

Become a health & safety volunteer

Healthy & Safety

Help make sure your community is a healthier and safer place by becoming an instructor. Provide community disaster education to increase awareness of emergency preparedness; volunteer your time to teach a First Aid/CPR class.

Jobs may include:

  • First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor
  • Disaster Preparedness Instructor

Become a public affairs volunteer

Public Affairs

Be a voice for the American Red Cross! Interface with local media to communicate the needs or activities of the organization; utilize writing skills to tell the Red Cross story through newsletters, blogs, and other compelling ways; or serve as a photographer or videographer to capture volunteers hard at work!

Jobs may include:

  • On-Call Photographer
  • On-Call Videographer
  • Social Media Content Writer
  • Blogger
  • Spokesperson
  • Visual Content Manager

Become an administrative volunteer


Support your local Red Cross office through a variety of administrative functions! Help greet and process new volunteers, clients, and guests; support or coordinate daily office procedures; or assist with special events or activities.

Jobs may include:

  • Volunteer Receptionist
  • Field Volunteer Recruiter