Youth Leadership Clubs

  • Southwest Washington Youth Leadership Development Conference 2013
In addition to the Youth Council, the Southwest Washington Chapter's youth program consists of hundreds of students involved in Red Cross clubs and Red Cross-affiliated clubs in most high schools in our area and even a middle school and an elementary school. These clubs participate in a variety of projects, which touch every line of service of the American Red Cross, including
  • Blood drives
  • Gatorade and sports drink drives
  • Measles Initiative fundraisers
  • Holiday cards for overseas soldiers and veterans
  • Veteran's Day Parade
  • Teaching Basic Aid Training
  • Fundraisers for the National Disaster Relief Fund
  • Fundraisers for the SW Washington Chapter

2013 Leadership Development Conference

On March 9th and 10th , the American Red Cross Youth Council of Southwest Washington held its 6th annual Leadership Development Conference. Held at Camas High School, the council arose early in the morning for the preparation of the event hosting more than sixty youth in the local area from high schools including Mountain View, Union, Evergreen, Columbia River, Hudson's Bay, , Fort Vancouver, Skyview, and Prarie.

The Council held 6 class sessions which covered Team Empowerment, How to Run a Club, Class Conflict, Selfless Leadership, 21 Characteristics of a Leader, and the “Energy Bus”. The classes were geared towards giving the participants rules and principles for guiding and leading their fellow peers at their respective high schools. Revolving around a fun and quirky cruise theme, teambuilding activities helped towards bonding and developing leadership skills. Participants also were certififed in either CPR or First Aid on the second day, which were classes taught by our own Youth Council members.

The successful accomplishment of this Leadership Development Conference could not have been achieved without our generous sponsors which included Quantum Residential and Simply Sweets.

Youth Tea and Historical Fashion Show

Vancouver Red Cross Youth Tea Volunteers

Youth Tea and Historical Fashion Show

On May 18th, 2013, we held our annual Youth Tea and Fashion Show to raise money for our chapter. We took guests on a glamorous red carpet ride through the past, going as far back as the 1910's. We served tea and snacks, displayed vintage Red Cross uniforms, and made sure guests had a good time.