Youth Programs

Volunteers aged 13 - 17 are encouraged to become part of our Youth Program, which offers meaningful opportunities for education, training and community service.

We know that youth make a difference. They are a vital resource bringing energy, innovation and inspiration to the American Red Cross and our goal is to provide them with meaningful opportunities for education, training and volunteer service so that they remain a part of the Red Cross family throughout their lives.

If you are currently enrolled in school, we encourage you to start or join a Red Cross Club! Red Cross Clubs are youth service groups that help the organization fulfill its humanitarian mission of preventing, preparing for and responding to emergencies. Working closely with our local chapter and a school advisor, club members participate in Red Cross service projects that help their schools, their communities and the world.

    High Schools Red Cross Clubs

  • Mt. View High School
  • Union High School
  • Hudson’s Bay High School
  • Ridgefield High School
  • Columbia River High School
  • Evergreen High School
  • Fort Vancouver High School
  • Battle Ground High School
  • SkyView High School
  • Camas High School
  • Prairie High School
Don’t see your school listed? Start a Red Cross Club! Simply contact Trish Osilla to receive your student guide and we’ll work with you step-by-step.