Download Red Cross First Aid App before Attempting Olympic Feats

Going for the Gold? The Red Cross offers tips to stay safe and warm!

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia kick off Friday, February 7 and the American Red Cross wants to ensure you are prepared should you be inspired to attempt Olympic glory yourself.

Download the First Aid App

First, take a minute to download the free Red Cross First Aid App before you head outdoors. On the app you will find useful information, should there be a mishap when attempting your own homemade bobsleigh course or ski jump. Helpful information includes:

  • How to treat nosebleeds;
  • How to tell if someone has a broken bone;
  • The symptoms of a concussion;
  • The symptoms of hypothermia;
  • And importantly, when to call for help.
  • This free app is available on the Apple iTunes or Google Play stores.

    Dress for the Cold

    When sporting your nation’s colors, don’t forget to dress for the chilly winter temperatures as well.Take a minute to watch the video of Dr. David Markenson, chair of the Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council, providing cold weather tips to keep you safe when you are active outdoors.

    Here are some key things to remember:

  • Wear layers of lightweight clothing to stay warm.
  • Susceptible body parts are your nose, ears and fingers so pull on your gloves and a hat to help prevent losing body heat.
  • If you are shivering, go indoors. Shivering is an important sign that you are losing body heat.
  • Visit winter storm tips to learn more about preparedness whether you are facing cold weather or going for the gold!