Red Cross Volunteers Put Heart into Mudslide Relief Efforts

Two weeks after the devastating landslide in Oso, Washington, the American Red Cross continues to provide shelter, food, water, emotional support and health services to Snohomish area residents and their families.

Since the March 22, the Red Cross has mobilized five response vehicles and more than 350 trained workers – about half of them from Washington State. Through April 2, these Red Cross workers have served more than 18,500 meals and snacks in partnership with Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, handed out hundreds of comfort and relief items, and provided more than 4,500 mental health or health-related contacts. In addition, Red Cross shelters have provided nearly 140 overnight stays.

This is a difficult and challenging time for the people affected. Red Cross mental health and spiritual care volunteers are caring for families who have lost loved ones or still are waiting for word on the missing. Mobile care teams of specially trained Red Cross workers are also meeting with affected families to provide emotional support and help creating individual recovery plans.

The Red Cross will be in Washington in the weeks and months to come to help residents recover from this tragedy. Red Cross caseworkers are helping people plan their next steps, navigate paperwork and locate help from other agencies. In some situations, the Red Cross may also provide direct financial support to people who need extra help.

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