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Using E-Learning to Prepare Schools for Disasters

Much of Turkey has a high risk of seismic activity. Since 2009, in an effort to mitigate risks, the American Red Cross has been partnering with Risk RED, an organization dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and impact of disaster risk reduction education. Risk RED is working with the Turkish Ministry of Education to bring its Disaster Reduction Education E-Learning Management System to public schools in seismically at-risk areas.

This project takes advantage of the widespread computer and Internet access in Turkey, utilizing this network to distribute Risk RED’s online school disaster management training to public school teachers. This allows the online training to reach a larger number of teachers than would otherwise be possible with traditional, face-to-face training. As a result, educators in nearly 10,000 primary and secondary schools will be trained, allowing them to provide instruction and training (including school disaster drills) to nearly 1 million students.