With this year’s wildfire season underway, donor dollars are supporting efforts to help people impacted by disasters like these current emergencies.$250 provides a full day of shelter and food for five people. Open the rest of the doors with your gift to ensure that those affected by future disasters get a safe night's sleep. DONATE NOW “I don’t question fate, I live for today. Just look what is happening here, people sharing, caring for each other, I have never seen people come together like this, with such generosity of spirit.” Randy Salez, Magalia, CA Red Cross Shelter in Chico California, 2018 Wildfires Wildfires CLICK TO READ MORE These uncontrollable blazes are fueled by dry conditions, wind, and weather, scorching acres of land and destroying everything in their path. Every year in the U.S., more than 100,000 wildfires decimate between four and five million acres of land on average. In addition to burning the land and everything in its way, a wildfire also leaves affected communities vulnerable to flooding, landslides, and mudslides. Recovering from wildfires is a long-term challenge. We're proud to be a part of the network of organizations and services that help those who have suffered devastation. For example, when more than 500,000 acres of Northern and Southern California were impacted in 2017's fall wildfires, our donors enabled us to: Extend financial support and recovery assistance Serve more than 65,000 meals and snacks Provide more than 26,000 overnight stays in shelters Offer more than 5,500 mental health and health services “I’ve been through a lot during my 17 years as a cop, and it takes a lot to scare me but I was really, really scared.” Michael Gailfoil, The Cove, Florida, Hurricane Michael 2018 $100 buys 10 hot meals and additional snacks to feed survivors of future disasters. Fill the rest of the table with your gift. DONATE NOW Hurricanes CLICK TO READ MORE These massive storms can bring winds gusting at 160 miles or more in addition to dumping more than 2.4 trillion gallons of rain every day. The ensuing destruction takes various forms, including damaging storm surges, which account for around 90% of hurricane related deaths. High winds, floods, and landslides all bring devastation that ranges from loss of life to loss of property to electrical outages. In 2017, our donors made it possible for the American Red Cross to support the millions of people affected by historic back-to-back hurricanes — Harvey, Irma and Maria — with shelter, food and comfort. During that 10-week period, our donors made it possible for us to: Mobilize more than 16,400 trained disaster workers—91% are volunteers! Provide more than 1 million overnight stays along with local partners Serve more than 9.7 million meals and snacks Distribute more than 5.8 million emergency relief items “We had to leave our house so quickly, so we were not able to pack or bring anything. The community has really helped by giving us clothes, blankets, and everything that we need so we can begin to start over. At least we have a safe place to stay.” Michaela, Red Cross Shelter, Orange, TX, 2016 Texas Floods $50 buys 20 comfort kits to provide basic personal supplies to those affected by flooding in the future. Bring comfort to those in need with your gift. DONATE NOW CLICK TO READ MORE Floods Every year, floods cause an average of $8 bil-lion in damages killing an average of 82 people per year.Just 6 inches of moving water can knock you over and put you in a life-threatening position. When flooding threatens communities, the American Red Cross gets moving. These are the most frequent and costliest disasters. Recent examples include the major floods of 2016, like those that devastated parts of Louisiana, West Virginia and the historic Texas flooding when multiple record-breaking rainstorms threatened numerous areas in the state. During all those disasters, your donations helped us: Distribute more than 700,000 relief supplies Serve more than 1.3 million meals and snacks Provide more than 80,000 overnight stays in shelters Mobilize more than 4,400 volunteers and workers from across the country When a disaster like a hurricane, flood, tornado, wildfire or earthquake strikes, the American Red Cross mobilizes to help those hit hardest by the disaster. From the Texas flooding of 2016 to the wild 2017 / 2018 hurricane seasons to devastating wildfires in both 2017 / 2018 to everyday disasters like home fires, we're there when people need us most. But we're only there because of you. Financial donations to Disaster Relief support people in need and hard-hit communities. The American Red Cross responds to an average of 64,000 disasters every year. In 2017 alone, we responded to 242 large disasters by opening 1,100 emergency shelters, serving 13.6 million meals and snacks and distributing 7 million relief items. And those were just the large disasters. We respond to an emergency every eight minutes, providing clean water, hot meals and shelter.We couldn't do any of that without our donors. An average of 91 cents of every dollar that the American Red Cross spends goes directly to humanitarian services and aid. Why is donating to Disaster Relief so important? Become a hero for people affected by future disasters. Driving Through Disasters Big and Small DONATE NOW Use keyboardarrows or mouseto steer Use finger to scroll “When I looked down the hall, all I could was the fire coming from the ceiling. It was very scary…I know for a fact, if it hadn’t been for those fire alarms, I was going back to sleep. They saved our life. We would have been gone, honestly.” Janette Washington, Georgetown South Carolina, 2018 Home Fire $450 allows us to install 30 smoke alarms to households in need. Help prevent future home fires. DONATE NOW Home Fires CLICK TO READ MORE About 90% of the disasters we respond to are home fires. While we're there to provide shelter, meals, comfort items and recovery assistance to individuals and families, we're also working every day to help prevent home fires. Since launching our Home Fire Campaign in 2014, our donors to Disaster Relief made it possible for us to: Canvas at-risk neighborhoods to identify where smoke alarms are needed Install more than 2.4 million smoke alarms Replace 95,657 smoke alarm batteries Make more than 891,000 escape plans for families Save more than 1,393lives Reach more than 1.8 millionchildren through preparedness programs Each and every gift that you give to Disaster Relief supports communities struck by emergencies, big and small. Donations to Disaster Relief have helped support recent relief efforts including:Prepositioning supplies for the fastest possible response Opening evacuation shelters so residents can stay safe in the stormProviding shelter and food until it's safe for people to return home How Does a Donation Help? DONATE NOW Distributing food, water and relief supplies on the ground in communities hard-hit by disastersCreating recovery plans to help individuals and families cope and start anewThank you for supporting American Red Cross Disaster Relief efforts. Be a hero for people in need of your help.