Driving Through Disasters Big and Small

  • When a disaster like a hurricane, flood, tornado, wildfire or earthquake strikes, the American Red Cross mobilizes to help those hit hardest. Be it flooding in 2016, devastating wildfires and hurricanes in 2017 and 2018, or everyday disasters like home fires, the Red Cross is there when people need us most. But we're only there because of you. Financial donations to Disaster Relief support people in need and hard-hit communities.

  • The American Red Cross responds to an average of more than 62,000 disasters every year. In 2018 alone, we responded to hundreds of large disasters by serving 8.2 million meals and snacks, and distributing 2.2 million relief items, and providing 290,000 overnight stays in emergency shelters. And those were just the large disasters.

  • We respond to an emergency every eight minutes, providing clean water, hot meals and shelter. We couldn't do any of that without our donors. An average of 91 cents of every dollar that the American Red Cross spends goes directly to humanitarian services and programs.

  • Why is donating to Disaster Relief so important?

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Asset 1"We had to leave our house so quickly, so we were not able to pack or bring anything. The community has really helped by giving us clothes, blankets, and everything that we need so we can begin to start over. At least we have a safe place to stay." Michaela, Orange, Texas, 2016 Floods

Asset 1"I've been through a lot during my 17 years as a cop, and it takes a lot to scare me but I was really, really scared." Michael Gailfoil, The Cove, Florida, Hurricane Michael 2018

Asset 1"I don't question fate, I live for today. Just look what is happening here, people sharing, caring for each other, I have never seen people come together like this, with such generosity of spirit." Randy Salez, Chico, California, 2018 Wildfires

Asset 1"When I looked down the hall, all I could was the fire coming from the ceiling. It was very scary...I know for a fact, if it hadn't been for those fire alarms, I was going back to sleep. They saved our life. We would have been gone, honestly." Janette Washington, Georgetown, South Carolina, 2018 Home Fire

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$50 buys 20 comfort kits to provide basic personal supplies to those affected by flooding in the future. Bring comfort to those in need with your gift.

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$100 buys 10 hot meals and additional snacks to feed survivors of future disasters. Fill the rest of the table with your gift.

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2018 brought additional deadly wildfires, and again, donor dollars are supporting efforts to help people impacted.

$250 provides a full day of shelter and food for five people. Open the rest of the doors with your gift to ensure that those affected by future disasters get a safe night's sleep.

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$450 allows us to install 30 smoke alarms to households in need. Help prevent future home fires.

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