Do you know which rooms in your house need smoke alarms? Do you know how to install them? Pick up a drill and join Matthew Mahoney, a California Safe Corps AmeriCorps, for a live demonstration of how to safely and securely install a life-saving smoke alarm in your home.


For many of us, COVID-19 has disrupted our routines and made everyday activities challenging. Life in Los Angeles is inherently social and staying apart from friends and neighbors can make the world seem like an uncaring place. But it isn’t!

The Red Cross movement has brought people together around the world under the common cause of humanity - even during this period of social distancing. That's why, here in Los Angeles, we're launching a series of interactive Facebook Live broadcasts designed to bring us all together, help you cope with the stresses of isolation and connect you with the work being done in your community.

For a list of past and upcoming Facebook Friday events, click here.

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Friday April 24 LIVE at 1 p.m.

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Visit the link below at the time of the event to watch live.
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