Fundraise for the Red Cross

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Thank you so much for your willingness and efforts to help raise money for the American Red Cross. This page should provide you with general guidelines related to holding a third-party fundraiser and donating the proceeds of your event to benefit the Northeast Florida Chapter.

What is a Third-Party Event?

Many organizations and groups are touched by the work of the Red Cross. These organizations sponsor and host events that in whole or in part raise money for Red Cross services and programs. These events can range from company outings and school fundraisers to pre-planned gala events.

Third-party events are events sponsored or hosted by individuals, organizations or groups not affiliated with the American Red Cross of Northeast Florida. As such, the American Red Cross should not be listed as partners, sponsors, or supporters of the third-party events or their organizers.

Register your event:
  • IMPORTANT: Contact your local Red Cross Chapter and discuss your idea and seek the official approval of the Red Cross representative before launching your event.
  • Submit the American Red Cross Third-Party Agreement. (Agreements are for fundraising events only. Donations of canned goods, clothing, or other items collected from the general public cannot be accepted.)
  • After receiving and reviewing your Third-Party Agreement, the Red Cross will notify you if additional information or changes are needed. Please do not begin your fundraiser until you have received notification that your Third-Party Agreement has been signed and approved by the American Red Cross Northeast Florida Chapter.
By signing an agreement:
  • You agree to pay all costs associated with collecting and sending the donations to the Red Cross.
  • You agree to forward to the America Red Cross of Northeast Florida 100% of your donations.
  • You shall indemnify, defend and hold the American Red Cross of Northeast Florida harmless, including its chartered units and its governors, directors, officers, employees, agents and volunteers from and against any and all suits, claims, demands, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising out of or relating in any way to your business and the fundraising activity.
  • If you decide to cancel your event but some funds have already been collected, those funds must still be turned over to the American Red Cross of Northeast Florida. You cannot make changes to the agreement without the authorization of the American Red Cross of Northeast Florida.
  • You agree to comply with all federal, state and local charitable solicitation statutes, regulations and ordinances that affect or apply to you and the fundraising activity.

How do I obtain promotional material?

Please contact our office at the number below so that we can discuss your materials, provide guidance to the proper use of the Red Cross name and approve the promotional material in a timely manner.

  • You must agree to pay all costs associated with developing and printing promotional and marketing material for your fundraiser.
  • Promotional materials should truthfully let the donor know how much of the proceeds that will be contributed to the American Red Cross of Northeast Florida. If the benefit to the American Red Cross of Northeast Florida is not expressible in either percentage or fixed amounts, the benefit should be described as accurately as possible. You should also let your donors know which fund their contributions will be supporting.
  • The American Red Cross of Northeast Florida will not incur or accept any financial liability for this promotion. Third-party event organizers will assume all financial liabilities. Neither the American Red Cross of Northeast Florida, including its units, nor their respective directors, officers, employees and volunteers, will be liable for any injury to, or death of, any participant, customer, contractor or individual involved in the promotion of or participation in the event.

All promotional material should include the American Red Cross of Northeast Florida address and contact information: American Red Cross of Northeast Florida,751Riverside Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32204 (904) 358-8091.


The American Red Cross wants to recognize the efforts of groups and organizations that help us raise much-needed funds to serve our communities. Your stories inspire us…and our hope is to tell your story and inspire others to give and help raise money for the American Red Cross of Northeast Florida. In the event that we can feature your story, we will contact you for permission and further information.

Donor Thank You and Acknowledgement

Thank you letters for tax purposes can be provided to donors who provide full name, mailing address and amount of gift, provided the donor did not receive goods or services, or chance drawing tickets in exchange for their donation. Acknowledgements may also serve as confirmation of donors’ financial contributions for tax purposes as allowable by law.

Things to Remember:

  • In order to protect your company and comply with the Better Business Bureau fundraising guidelines, the American Red Cross requires that you secure a legal agreement before beginning to conduct, advertise, or otherwise promote your proposed fundraising activity. By submitting your Third-Party Agreement for approval, you agree to secure a legal agreement with the American Red Cross before proceeding with any fundraising activities.
  • The American Red Cross cannot accept offers of partnerships which would result in the Red Cross receiving donations tied to the sale of alcohol, cigarettes, or other items deleterious to health, adult or pornographic materials, or any items that could be considered, by the ordinary person, to be in bad taste or inconsistent with the humanitarian mission or fundamental principles of the Red Cross.
  • Exhibit professionalism in advertising, execution of your fundraiser, and in all contact that your group has with other community members. Remember that you represent the Red Cross.
  • Have fun with your event! – and take pride that what you’re doing will help others.
For further information about fundraising on behalf of the American Red Cross, please contact:
Diana Sifton
Manager, Public Support
American Red Cross of Northeast Florida
751 Riverside Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32204
Phone: (904) 358-8091 ext. 1810
Fax: (904) 791-9236