The American Red Cross Midway-Kansas Chapter is supported by a team of dedicated staff who work tirelessly to deliver the services you’ve come to expect at an unsurpassed level of service. Below is a list of the Midway-Kansas Chapter key leadership for south-central Kansas.

Bev Morlan, Midway Kansas CEO

Bev Morlan

As the regional executive director, Bev directs the strategic outreach for both the Midway-Kansas Chapter, which oversees south-central Kansas, and the three-quarter state area the region is responsible for. She manages nine offices and ensures the Red Cross mission is delivered to approximately 1,390,000 Kansans.

Contact Bev at beverly.morlan@redcross.org

Miah Schneider Chief Development Officer

Miah Schneider

As the regional chief development officer, Miah oversees all fundraising for the Midway-Kansas Chapter and the Kansas Region.

Contact Miah at miah.schneider@redcross.org

Aaron Phillips

As manager for the Red Cross office in Coffeyville, Kan., Aaron oversees service delivery for Chautauqua, Montgomery, Elk, Wilson, Greenwood, Woodson, Northern Neosho, Allen, Crawford and Cherokee counties in Kansas.

Contact Aaron at aaron.phillips@redcross.org

Pam Gilchrist

As manager for the Red Cross office in Pittsburg, Kan., Pam oversees service delivery for Crawford and Bourbon counties in Kansas.

Contact Pat at pam.gilchrist@redcross.org

Bryan Saindon

As Regional Disaster Program Officer for the Kansas Region, Bryan oversees the disaster capacity for the entire region and oversees disaster volunteer deployments for local and national disasters.

Contact Bryan at bryan.saindon@redcross.org.