American Red Cross In Arkansas Regional Leadership

Candy Carey

Candace A. Carey, CEO, American Red Cross In Arkansas

A native of Illinois, Candy has a thirty-two year professional career with the American Red Cross. Her career started with the American Red Cross in Chicago. She moved on to various assignments in Nebraska, Louisiana, Virginia and Washington, D.C. In August 1993, she became the executive director of the American Red Cross of Greater Arkansas.

In addition to her dedication to those served by Red Cross, Candy as she’s known by friends, is a member of the Rotary Club of Little Rock Foundation Board of Trustees and a founding member of the Arkansas Coalition for Excellence an organization to empower and expand the difference made by non-profits.

A graduate of Drake University, Candy also earned her Certificate for Partners in Organizational Leadership from Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government, Cambridge, MA.

Brigette Williams

Brigette Williams, Regional Communications Officer, American Red Cross In Arkansas

Brigette considers it a true privilege to serve a spokesperson for the American Red Cross in Arkansas to share the incredible good works provided around the clock by incredible volunteers. She is a member of the National American Red Cross Advance Public Affairs Team, serving as spokesperson for the Red Cross with national and international media during national disasters.

In addition to Red Cross preparedness and response activity to the numerous local incidents in Arkansas, Brigette responded to disaster responses for Hurricanes Isaac and Irene; 2011 Arkansas tornadoes and floods, April 2010 Mississippi F-4 tornado, the 2010 Camp Albert Pike Flash Floods. She also keeps Arkansans aware of the response by Red Cross volunteers deployed from across the state to help with national disasters.

Prior to joining the American Red Cross, Brigette was a nationally award winning publisher with Arkansas Business Publishing Group niche’ magazine division including Little Rock Family, Soiree’, Arkansas Bride and Guest Guide. While at Arkansas Business Publishing Group, Brigette served as a Red Cross volunteer, including time as a Board Member, working with Youth & Volunteers.

Roger Elliot

Roger Elliot, State Disaster Director, American Red Cross In Arkansas

Roger Elliot is responsible for the overall preparedness and response to natural and manmade disasters for the American Red Cross in Arkansas. As State Disaster Relations Lead, he coordinates with state agencies for disaster support as needed and wrote the Disaster Leave Law legislation for Arkansas, which allows for state employees trained as Red Cross disaster workers to receive paid leave for up to fifteen days annually to respond to disasters. Elliot serves as advisor to the Governor’s Earthquake Council, Governor’s Mitigation Council, Governor’s Bioterrorism Advisory Group, and State Citizen Corps Council.

Since Roger joined Red Cross in 1995, his directive for Red Cross preparation and response includes more than 1,500 residential fires annually. Elliot coordinated Red Cross response for the Camp Albert Pike Flash Flood that killed 20 people, an ice storm that paralyzed the northern third of the state, and the series of storms that held the state on edge from January-May 2008, along with numerous other rounds of tornadoes including 1999 when more than 30 tornadoes were reported during two days in January.

It was also in 1999, when Roger led the first response by American Red Cross to a new National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) decision establishing Red Cross as lead responder for transportation crash and family care. Red Cross care and emotional support was provided to surviving families after American Airlines Flight 1420 from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport crashed while attempting to land at the Little Rock National Airport. Eleven persons died as a result of the crash.

Roger has lead response across the state as several Gulf Coast hurricanes spawned tornadoes, flash flooding and evacuations in Arkansas including but not limited to Hurricanes Isaac, Gustav, Katrina, Rita, Wilma and Andrew.

A graduate of Texas A&M (Texas A&M Kingsville) Roger also has a Master’s Degree in Aviation Administration and Management. Reitred from the United States Air Force as Director of Programs and Acquisitions for Air Rescue Service, Elliot served as an instructor pilot. After transitioning to helicopters, Roger spent 18 years working with Air Rescue Service and United States Army Mobile Tactical Radar Systems.