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AmeriCorps isn’t a job it’s a chance to make a positive difference in communities across Arkansas by providing energetic and diverse talent to the American Red Cross in Arkansas.

As part of AmeriCorps’ Prevent, Prepare and Respond program, members are committed to addressing our community’s critical needs in disaster preparation, prevention, and response to emergencies. Their addition expands our reach into more communities expanding Red Cross service delivery.

The AmeriCorps program runs for ten to twelve months, with full and part time positions across the state. In exchange for your service, members receive a living allowance and an end-of-term financial education award.

All applicants must be at least 17 years old, with a high school diploma or equivalent. A college degree is preferred. Applicants must be US citizens, US nationals, or legal permanent residents and have a valid driver’s license. The Red Cross values, promotes and manages diversity by providing programs that foster participation by persons with disabilities.

AmeriCorp members will learn of a variety of skills and will be engaged in local community and school based disaster preparedness presentations in the effort to increase disaster preparedness across Arkansas. Positions for outreach to military and veterans, as well as the Latino/Hispanic community are available. AmeriCorps members also respond to weather related and man-made disasters in Arkansas and across the country, providing relief and assistance to affected communities. Recruitment and engagement of volunteers is also conducted by AmeriCorps members.

To learn more about AmeriCorps’s Prevent, Prepare and Respond program with the American Red Cross in Arkansas, please contact State Disaster Director, Roger Elliot at (501) 748-1010.