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Volunteer Q&As

What’s the time commitment to volunteer?
Time commitments vary according to the area in which you choose to volunteer, as well as the time you have to share. Once your application has been received we can have that discussion with more detail.

How do I choose which volunteer opportunity is right for me?
Take into consideration how much time you’re interested in dedicating, your skills and talents, where you are willing to volunteer and what your schedule is. Are you a people person who enjoys direct contact with a variety of people? Do you like multi-tasking or consistent projects? Do you prefer working in the office or outside? Your volunteer coordinator can walk you through points to take into consideration.

How can I volunteer for disaster relief efforts?
The first step to becoming a Red Cross Disaster Responder is to apply using Volunteer Connection.

You’ll need to create a profile which takes less than 5 minutes and submit your volunteer application through Volunteer Connection. A background check is also required. Upon receipt of your background check and application, you will be contacted by a volunteer coordinator to discuss final steps.

Any other volunteer opportunities?
Yes. You can volunteer with Services To Armed Forces, known as SAF around Red Cross, where you’ll work with military families and individuals from new enlistees, support Red Cross booths at Yellow Ribbon Events for pre and post deployment activities on bases and armories around the state to name a few military related events.

At times there are needs for help with a variety of office work and special events projects. Some may take an hour or a few days. During large scale disasters, expertise including data entry, logistics, financial services and more become in demand. The opportunities, as well as the time involved are varied, and well suited, for different skills and personalities of our volunteers. And remember, you need to complete our Red Cross volunteer training prior to when you’re needed, so sign up today.

Can I volunteer for disaster relief operations nationally?
Yes, although you must have experience with disaster response as a local Red Cross volunteer. To acquire that experience, you must register, train and serve with our wonderful American Red Cross in Arkansas responders. There is no better time than now to start, so complete an application today!

Can I volunteer for disaster relief operations outside of the United States?
Typically, American Red Cross in Arkansas responders are not deployed internationally.