Disaster Relief

  • More than
    volunteers serving the region
  • Over
    emergencies responded to each year
  • Approximately
    families and individuals served
  • Over
    of those disasters occur in the home
  • On average
    people die every day from a home fire
  • Every
    4-5 Hours
    there is a fire that a disaster volunteer responds to
  • On average
    people suffer injuries as a result of home fires every day
  • Approximate
    Individuals receive preparedness training

The American Red Cross in Arizona, New Mexico, and El Paso Region operates one of the largest and busiest disaster-response program in the nation, providing assistance, compassion and comfort through the generosity of over 2,500 volunteers who respond to approximately 1,100 emergencies—home fires, wildfires, floods and more—each year.

Disaster responders in Arizona, New Mexico, and El Paso—volunteers and employees—arrive at emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, an average of 7 times a day, and provide food, shelter, health services and mental-health support to the over 1,300 families and individuals affected by these emergencies.

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