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AAA Insurance - funded Community Safety Foundation Donates $1 Million to Support Disaster Preparedness

The Bay Area business community is on the cutting edge of innovation and social responsibility and AAA Insurance sets itself apart with its generosity of funding and time.

The company has long supported the American Red Cross and sets an example in the Bay Area with their generous donation and volunteer programs.

In June, they launched the Community Safety Foundation with an incredible first gift of $1 million, one of the largest donations made through the Bay Area Chapter to the American Red Cross this year.

Community Safety Foundation President, Rose Guilbault, says the gift fits the new organization’s mission.

“The American Red Cross is a natural fit for a nonprofit funded by an insurance company,” explained Guilbault. “Both organizations are dedicated to helping people rebuild their lives after tragedy strikes.”

In addition to generous financial support, AAA champions volunteerism by offering 80 hours of paid time off for employees to support Red Cross’ major disaster relief efforts.

During an event in June, over 300 AAA employees learned general disaster preparedness, basic first aid and CPR skills from Red Cross volunteers, skills they will now take back to their communities.

Roger Hancock, a manager of community affairs for AAA Insurance, Bay Area Chapter board member and Red Cross volunteer since 1985, says the volunteer culture at AAA Insurance “is extraordinary”

The $1 million gift will help people in seven states get disaster preparedness training and AAA’s volunteer programs will ensure its employees use Red Cross training to help their communities.