Health & Safety

Health & Safety (CPR, First Aid, AEDs, Water Safety)

For a fee, the Red Cross can send an instructor to your workplace, group or event to provide training for certification in a variety of life-saving skills. Please visit our Full Service page or call (303) 607-4743 to arrange a group training.

    If you do not require certification, the following are some options for your group or event:

  • Hands-Only CPR and Basic First Aid for Non-medical Responders - $

    For just $15 per person, a Red Cross instructor will come to your site and give this one-hour training in the basics of how to save a life using compression-only (or “hands only”) CPR, plus instruction in stopping bleeding and how to respond to shock. Perfect for high school students. Certification: None.

    Call our Full Service Program for more information: (303) 607-4743

  • Become a Citizen CPR Leader and Learn to Train Others! (Self-Taught)

    Complete this one-hour, self-study course to become a Citizen CPR leader and be able to teach others how to perform hands-only CPR. This option enables you to teach an unlimited number of participants. Cost is $25 for the self-study course and includes an 8-page self-study guide. Contact to get started.

  • Download the free Hands Only CPR Ready Reference Sheet to hand out at your event, fair or booth event.

    As a volunteer-led organization, our primary focus is on responding to disasters and emergencies and providing direct training in preparedness skills through courses and workshops. If you would like to include information about the Red Cross at your next fair or booth event, please feel free to download and print any of these resources to share. You may also wish to sponsor a group training in hands-only CPR ($) for your event by calling (303) 607-4743.

  • F.A.C.T. First Aid for Children Today - For kids ages 5-8/grades K-3 (Self-Taught)

    Utilize the Leader’s Guide and Participant booklets to teach children a series of lessons age appropriate for grades K-3. The Leader's Guide covers six lessons on first aid, healthy living habits, personal safety and health for the environment. No formal training or certificate is required to teach First Aid for Children Today. Order your materials online from

    o FACT Leader’s Kit - $14.15 (ea) - includes the Leader’s Guide, one participant book and a set of 7 posters and brochures

    o FACT Fun Book (Participant Book) - $47.50 (set of 25 booklets)

  • B.A.T. Basic Aid Training – for children ages 8-10/grades 4-6 (Self-Taught)

    Utilize the Instructor’s Guide and Participant Books to teach children in grades 4-6 basic first aid. The Basic Aid Training Instructor's Manual contains the information and tools necessary to plan and conduct Basic Aid Training. The manual introduces children to Emergency Action Steps and Check-Call-Care, as well as basic first aid, water safety, prevention, avoiding drugs and personal safety. Order your materials online from

    o BAT Instructor Manual - $6.50 (ea)

    o BAT Participant Book - $37.50 (set of 25 booklets)

Not what you were looking for? Browse our other presentation offerings or fill out our interest form; a representative will assess whether resources are available to meet your needs and respond to accept or decline your request within 3 business days.