Colorado Hands-Only CPR

The purpose of the American Red Cross Citizen CPR course is to teach untrained bystanders how to perform hands-only CPR. Having more citizen bystanders trained in this simple skill can help save lives by putting more cardiac arrest victims within a few steps of lifesaving assistance. In the cardiac chain of survival, the increased presence of trained responders coupled with automatic external defibrillators (AED) will lead to more lives saved.
What is hands-only CPR?

Hands-only CPR is a potentially lifesaving technique involving no mouth to mouth contact. It is best used in emergencies where someone has seen another person suddenly collapse. The hands-only technique increases the likelihood of surviving cardiac emergencies that occur outside medical settings.

How is CPR different from hands-only CPR?

Full CPR combines rescue breaths with chest compressions and is the best option in some emergencies, including those involving infants and children, drowning victims, or people who collapse due to breathing problems

For a fee, the Red Cross can send an instructor to your workplace, group or event to provide training for certification in a variety of life-saving skills. Please visit our Full-Service page or call 1-800-REDCROSS to arrange a group training.

If you do not require certification, the following are some options for your group or event:

Get Trained

Studies have shown that being trained in hands-only CPR can make the lifesaving difference when someone suffers sudden cardiac arrest.

Join the millions of people we train each year by taking a 30-minute Citizen CPR class. This free course teaches how the hands-only technique can save a life.

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Download the Hands-only CPR Ready Reference sheet depicting the steps of this technique in English and Spanish.