International Services

  • International Services

The American Red Cross works with a global network of Red Cross and Red Crescent societies, as well as Israel's Magen David Adom society, to restore hope and dignity to the world's vulnerable populations. This international Red Cross movement brings emergency relief to disaster victims and improves basic living conditions of those in chronically deprived areas of the world.

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In Colorado, the Red Cross International Services Program provides:

  • Reconnection services for families separated by conflict, disaster or migration (Restoring Family Links)
  • Education on international humanitarian law
  • Support for International Federation programs and initiatives, such as the Measles Initiative.

Reconnecting Families

Many residents in Colorado region have origins in other countries. When crisis separates families, the Red Cross works to reconnect them. Whether it’s been weeks or years, the American Red Cross, can help you find and reconnect with loved ones around the world after natural disasters, armed conflict, migration, or other humanitarian emergencies.

American Red Cross caseworkers help families locate missing relatives by working with our partner Red Cross organizations in nearly every country around the world. Annually the American Red Cross assists more than 5,000 families trying to reconnect with their loved ones.

Here’s a partial listing of Program services:

Tracing Inquiries: Used to locate family members separated internationally by armed conflict and other humanitarian emergencies. Also used to clarify or document the fate of relatives missing due to armed conflict.

Red Cross Messages: Once a family member is found, the Red Cross helps them reconnect through written messages or by phone. Red Cross messages can also be exchanged between families and their loved ones in refugee camps and detention centers to allow them to keep in contact and share family news.

Holocaust and WWII Tracing and Documentation: Families continue to be separated as a result of WWII and many survivors look to the Red Cross to locate missing loved ones and find documentation on their own and their relative’s war-time experiences.

International Disaster Inquiries: International Disaster Inquiries are used to assist family members who have lost communication after the occur¬rence of a major natural disaster such as an earthquake or typhoon.

Restoring Family Links for Migrants: Migration leaves millions of people around the globe in urgent need of humanitarian assistance every year. Ameri¬can Red Cross caseworkers at local chapter offices help families locate missing relatives that have been separated due to migration.

Certificates of Detention: Individuals detained during the Persian Gulf War in the early 1990s can turn to the Red Cross to request documentation that someone was visited by the ICRC while in detention.

How can you contact a local program representative?

If you or someone you know has been separated from loved ones internationally, or for additional information on the program and eligibility for services, please call (303) 607-4771 or email Tim Bothe at or Submit an Inquiry.

If a local representative is unavailable please call the national hotline, toll free at 844-782-9441

For more information or to contact Reconnecting Family Services at American Red Cross National Headquarters visit or call 202-303-1600.

There is no charge for these services.

All Red Cross programs are made possible by the voluntary services and financial support of the American public. Hundreds of dedicated volunteers search tirelessly for information that will bring resolution to your case and peace of mind to you and your family.