Prepare Colorado

  • Create an evacuation plan

Prepare Colorado is a statewide, whole-community movement to save lives and reduce the impacts of disasters by mobilizing Coloradans to take action today to be more prepared for disasters and emergencies.

Our aim is for Colorado to lead the country in preparedness. To achieve this, Prepare Colorado involves every sector of our communities: individuals and families, neighborhoods and schools, businesses and organizations, public and private agencies.

Why Prepare?

Colorado has experienced 84 federally declared fires, emergencies and disasters since 1955 – an average of more than one per year.

That is in addition to the daily disasters and emergencies that the Red Cross and other agencies respond to every day – the home fires, floods, blizzards, hazardous materials calls, wildfires, and other incidents that displace families on average more than 400 times a year in Colorado. These incidents have resulted in dozens of lost lives, thousands of displaced residents and billions of dollars in property damage.
  • People trained in preparedness can help prevent emergencies such as drownings, fires and injuries.
  • Bystanders prepared with skills like CPR and First Aid can save lives when seconds matter.
  • Communities that practice mitigation can save money, protect assets and reduce losses.
  • Organizations that plan and prepare can better withstand unexpected circumstances –and can be there to provide jobs, income, tax revenue, goods and services when their communities need them most.

Goals of Prepare Colorado

Increase access to training that enables individuals and groups to respond to medical emergencies and disasters. This includes CPR, First Aid, AED and disaster preparedness training.

Increase the number of businesses, community groups, schools and faith-based organizations that have taken measureable steps to increase their ability to withstand, recover from and provide services after disasters.

Engage the general public in completing specific steps to secure their level of preparedness. This includes motivating communities and networks to take group actions as well as ensuring individuals have taken steps to personally prepare themselves and their households.

Increase local Red Cross chapters’ capacity to respond to major disasters.

Get Involved in the Prepare Colorado Movement

Prepare Colorado is a whole-community approach to making Colorado safer and more resilient – and you play a role in making your community more prepared. There are many ways you can make a difference: