Ready Rating in Colorado

  • Ready Rating in Colorado

Business Preparedness = Good Business

It only takes one disaster to potentially cause failure - and when your business fails, you fail the community that depends on you to provide jobs, services, products and tax revenue.
15-40 percent of businesses fail following a natural or manmade disaster.
The Red Cross Ready Rating program is a free membership program that can help you assess your organization's preparedness level, identify ways to improve your preparedness and resiliency, and come up with a customized plan to make sure that you will be there for your Colorado community if - and when - disaster strikes.

    Is Your Business Prepared?

  • 94 percent of small business owners believe a disaster could seriously disrupt their business within the next two years.
  • 51 percent of Americans have experienced at least one emergency situation where they lost utilities for at least three days, had to evacuate and could not return home, could not communicate with family members or had to provide first aid to others

    Benefits of Joining Ready Rating

  • Receive access to our free assessment tool, customized reports, confidential feedback & guidance
  • Mile High Region Ready Rating members qualify for a grant-funded AED for your site
  • A local consultant will work with you to make your business more resilient
  • Gain recognition for contributing to your community's preparedness - exclusive access to use the Ready Rating member seal, plus mention on our Web sites (optional)
  • Read More About the Benefits of Joining.
Join Other Colorado Businesses Committed to the Community
When you join Ready Rating, you demonstrate your commitment both to the longevity of your business and the resilience of your community
  • You join a group of businesses that are leaders among businesses, including our national program partners Anheuser Busch and Sam's Club.
  • Local Ready Rating partners include Littleton School District, the Denver Chamber of Commerce and more.
View the list of National and Local Ready Rating members who have already signed on.

Get Started Today - Because Disaster Could Strike Tomorrow.

Preparedness isn't just for high disaster-prone areas. It could be something as widespread as a tornado, flood or blizzard that affects your business...or as localized as a malfunctioning sprinkler system that floods your building, or a virus that renders 50% of your employees too ill to work.

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