Volunteer Opportunities

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What do Red Cross volunteers do?

We recruit for volunteers based on openings for specific positions. Please sign in to Volunteer Connection to view current opportunities; if you are new to the Red Cross, get started by filling out our Volunteer Application.

The list below provides an example of some of the volunteer positions offered at the Red Cross throughout the year. Not all may be available at this time; please check back if the position you are interested in is not on our current volunteer recruitment list.

Health and Safety

Volunteers enrich and protect our community by teaching CPR, Babysitting, Pet First Aid and more.

Office and Business Support

Behind-the-scenes volunteers help the Red Cross fulfill its mission while being a good steward of donated dollars. These unsung heroes assist with data entry, phone calls, volunteer recruitment, communications, administrative support and business development efforts.

Service to the Armed Forces (SAF)

For more than 100 years, the Red Cross has supported our men and women serving in the military, as well as their families. Today, our volunteers help members of the military through pre-deployment briefings, emergency communication, support accessing financial services and more.

Disaster Response

Red Cross volunteers are the first to the scene of a disaster and provide immediate relief assistance, such as shelter, food, and clothing, to people displaced as a result of a disaster. Our volunteers also train incoming volunteers to ensure that the Red Cross has some of the most highly qualified, well-prepared volunteers in the emergency response realm.

Youth Volunteers

If you are 14-17 years old, you too can volunteer with the Red Cross with the permission of your parent or guardian. Please call 303-607-4757 to speak with the volunteer services coordinator about youth volunteer opportunities.

Voluntarios bilingues

Hoy mas que nunca, hacen falta voluntarios bilingues para trabajar con la comunidad hispana. Especificamente, se necesita voluntarios para:

Ayudar en la oficina y interpretar para quienes no hablan ingles.

Responder a desastres.

Dar clases de salud y seguirdad (RCP, Primeros Auxilios), trasladar materiales y asistir con preparacion comunitario.

Comunicar con los medios de comunicacion hispanohablante.


We rely on volunteers to prepare Coloradans for disasters large & small. Using a grassroots approach, we put boots on the ground to talk to businesses, schools & organizations to help put them on the path to preparedness. Volunteers work with youth to instill a mindset of preparedness, thereby ensuring that preparedness and self-reliance will be part of our culture for generations to come. Our volunteers also engage at-risk communities by teaching lifesaving skills so that they can be the first responders in their neighborhoods.