Youth Advisory Board

  • Red Cross Denver Youth Advisory Board

The Youth Advisory Board is one of the highest volunteer leadership opportunities for Red Cross youth in the Colorado & Wyoming Region. The Board plans and implements projects and programs that serve the needs of our community -- supporting youth volunteers as they help the Red Cross deliver services. Another role of the Board is to inspire youth volunteerism in our local Red Cross and in surrounding schools and communities.

Why Join the Youth Advisory Board?

1. Do more with the Red Cross:
Volunteer and encourage other youth to get involved in local Red Cross service projects.

2. Learn more about the Red Cross:
Learn about the mission of the Red Cross and how youth play a vital role in supporting this global humanitarian organization.

3. Meet new people:
Meet and work with Red Cross youth throughout Colorado and Wyoming.

4. Learn how to work with adults:
Work with adult staff and volunteers, and prepare yourself for the workplace and professional opportunities.

5. Boost your skills:
Build and improve your time management, leadership and project planning skills. You’ll gain real-life experience as you lead volunteers and design projects that make a difference in the community.

Requirements to Apply

  • Must be an active youth volunteer with significant volunteer experience with, or interest in, the American Red Cross and a passion for the American Red Cross Mission.
  • Must be able to dedicate a minimum of 8-10 hours a month to Red Cross Youth Services
  • Must be registered as a Red Cross Volunteer through the Red Cross Volunteer Connection.

What's We're Looking For

The Youth Advisory Board of the American Red Colorado & Wyoming Region is seeking bold, innovative, confident LEADERS.

  • We want individuals like YOU who can contribute to our vision and make change happen.
  • We are looking for interesting, fresh people who have ideas and passion for serving humanity.
  • We are also seeking traits such as responsibility, dedication, initiative, and openness to growth.

The Application Process

1. APPLICATION: Candidates must submit a completed Advisory Board Application to the Youth Services department via email only. Please complete all parts of the applications, as all responses will be reviewed in detail.

2. INTERVIEW: Candidates will be scheduled for an interview (phone or in-person). Be prepared to discuss your Red Cross and extracurricular involvement, your ideas for the Advisory Board, communication skills, ability to balance responsibilities, and anything else you feel we should know about you.

3. APPOINTED POSITIONS: The four established Officer positions for the 2014-2015 will be determined by the Youth Services department at the Mile High Chapter. Subsequent Officer Positions will be determined by the Youth Advisory Board and will be filled through an election process.

4. ADVISORY BOARD TRAINING: All Advisory Board members MUST attend a regional Advisory Board Training over the summer. This is a MANDATORY requirement in order to hold an Officer position on the Youth Advisory Board.

For more information about the Youth Advisory Board and to request an application, contact