Youth Clubs

  • Red Cross high school volunteers

Make a Difference - In Your Life and the Lives of Others

Starting or joining a Red Cross Youth Club is a great way to give back to your community, support the work of the Red Cross, have fun with friends and build leadership skills and knowledge.

Although some Red Cross volunteer opportunities require volunteers to be 18 or older to participate, Red Cross Youth Clubs are geared towards engaging young people in the mission of the Red Cross! What do Red Cross Clubs Do?

    As a member of a Red Cross Youth Club, you can serve your community by:

  • Helping the people around you get prepared for disasters and emergencies.
  • Raising community awareness about Red Cross programs and information about disasters, preparedness, health & safety, Service to the Armed Forces and International Services.
  • Supporting your local Red Cross through special projects and fundraising.

Red Cross Clubs are officially recognized organizations on school campuses led by middle school, high school, and college students. Club members serve their community through service, education, and leadership as volunteers of the American Red Cross. Red Cross Clubs participate in activities that align with the Red Cross’s humanitarian mission by holding regular service projects and leadership trainings throughout the school year to benefit members and their community.

All Red Cross clubs work with the support and guidance of their local Chapter, and collaborate with other clubs to plan and execute service projects and fundraising events. Club service projects follow the Red Cross’s five lines of service.

Take action now and join a Red Cross Club, or take the challenge to Start a Club if your school doesn’t have one. For more information on how to start a Red Cross Club at your school, as well as ideas for service events for your club, visit

Get involved today. For more information on how to get started, email

You can decide where you want to focus the efforts of your club and which projects you think will have the biggest impact: at your school, in your local community, at your local Red Cross chapter – or any combination of the three!

The Red Cross will help you by providing the necessary training and information you need to accomplish your goals. The skills you will gain by participating in a Red Cross Youth Club will help you build a solid foundation of personal tools which are important to succeeding in college and any number of future careers. Take the first step in making a difference in your life and the lives of others by starting or joining a Red Cross high school club!

Step 1. Find out if your school already has a Red Cross Club.

Check out the Map of Existing Club Locations, or check with your school administrator.

Step 2. Recruit a Few "Start-Up" People.

Recruit 3-6 people to help you get the club up and running. If you have too many people involved during this stage, important decisions will take more time.

Step 3. Find a Teacher Sponsor.

Find a sponsor; your ideal candidate is likely to be a member of the faculty/staff who has:
  • A strong commitment to working with youth and is well respected among the students
  • Experience in managing young volunteers.
  • Familiarity with the Red Cross or training certificates from Red Cross.
  • Step 4. Register Your Club.

    Log in to Volunteer Connection and begin the club registration process. Hover over the “My Chapter” tab and pull down to “Red Cross Club Registration” and begin entering information about your club. A member of the Youth Services Department will approve your club registration or contact you for more information about your club before approval is granted.

    Step 5. Get Help and Guidance from the Red Cross

    Reach out to the local Youth Services Program Manager by emailing The Youth Services Program Manager will help you out with additional resources, orientation, and helping find projects and ideas that are a good fit for your club.

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