Ft. Leonard Wood

  • Red Cross at Ft Leonard Wood

Our Mission

Our Mission: To provide humanitarian support to service members, veterans and their families around the clock, around the globe, under a trusted symbol.

13486 Replacement Ave BLDG. 470; Room 1130

Fort Leonard Wood, MO


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Get To Know Us Before You need Us - introduction to Red Cross programs and services.

Reconnection Workshops - confidential small group support and skill building workshops for active duty service members, Reserve, National Guard, veterans and their families, including spouses, parents, children, siblings.

Mind-Body Workshops - focus on the interaction between the mind and body and the powerful ways in which emotional, mental, social and spiritual factors can directly affect health.

Coping with Deployments -useful information on how to strengthen to respond to the challenges throughout a deployment cycle. Service Members, spouses, children, significant others.

For more information call us at 573-596-0300 or by email at leonardwood@redcross.org.

Information Services

The American Red Cross Hero Care Center is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with the following options:

To speak to a Red Cross Emergency Communications Specialist call 1-877-272-7337

Submit a request online - redcross.org/get-help/military-families/emergency-communication

Hero Care App - get it FREE at Google Play & App Store (includes vital emergency and non-emergency resources for military members, veterans and military families)

Volunteer Services

We are the new Volunteer Hub in partnership with ACS for all volunteer opportunities on Ft. Leonard Wood & surrounding communities.


Providing administrative support to the volunteer candidate for in-processing to volunteer:

  • Volunteer opportunity information and referral
  • Application process assistance
  • Assistance with the Volunteer
  • Management Information System (VMIS)
  • Training for Organizational Point of Contact (OPOC)

  • Dental Assistance Training
    The Dental Assistant program is offered twice yearly to all Military and DoD ID card holders at no charge. Students will receive intensive training in all aspects of dental assisting. The 6 month program has two components: classroom instruction and clinical chair-side rotations and provides a marketable training opportunity for the volunteer, while providing volunteer assistance for the Dental Clinic.

    Ft. Leonard Wood Red Cross Bottoms Up Diaper Bank
    We are supporting the tiniest members of our military family! Every newborn at General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital is eligible to receive diapers, as well as service members who have asked for financial assistance through Army Emergency Relief. ID card required.