Volunteer Services

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Join the Movement.

By volunteering with the American Red Cross, you will join a worldwide movement dedicated to providing relief to victims of disaster. Whether you are in career transition, a student looking for experience, work full-time, retired, or have a few extra hours, you too can make a difference and save lives.

It Pays Off.

The biggest reward for volunteering is the satisfaction of serving your community and providing a critical need. In addition, volunteering can help you –

Learn New Skills – Volunteering is a great way to learn new skills and reinforce current ones.

Strengthen Your Network – Volunteering brings people together from all walks of life so you can diversify and broaden your network. Plus, you’ll meet others who share your commitment to service.

Fill in Employment Gaps – In career transition? Relocated to a new city? Being a volunteer is the perfect option if you’re in-between jobs or seeking skills for a new career. As a volunteer, you can have a title that you may use for your future opportunities in life.

No Experience Needed – Volunteering with the Red Cross allows you to gain hands-on experience in many areas. Whether it’s setting up a shelter after a disaster, reaching out to homebound seniors, or assisting our military members and their families facing crisis situations, we will prepare you with the necessary training.

Do Some Good – Show your humanitarian spirit by serving others. Need we say more?