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Current Volunteers

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Guided by our mission, volunteers define, direct, and deliver critical services to families in need every day. Join us and use your talents to support disaster survivors, teach children and families to save lives, or assist our military members and their families in times of crisis. Through all of our programs, Red Cross volunteers help change the lives of approximately 100,000 local residents each year.

If you are already a Red Cross volunteer, log in to Volunteer Connection or email us to access volunteer opportunities, sign up for shifts, log hours, or access local volunteering information.

To become a volunteer, follow these simple steps:


Get started by filling out an online application:

  • Adult Volunteer Application
  • Youth Volunteers: Please contact us to determine if there are opportunities in your area.

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    Log in to Volunteer Connection and complete all required steps:

    You’ll find steps on your homepage that will include a required background check and an in-person orientation to your local chapter.


    Get Volunteer Training:

    Depending on which volunteer path you choose, you may need to complete additional training, all of which is free. Your local chapter will work with you to refer you to the activity and the location of your choice, and we’ll inform you of other courses that you’ll require to get started. For additional volunteer opportunities, log in to Volunteer Connection.