Children’s Safety & Outreach Programs

  • Children’s Safety & Outreach Programs

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The Capital Area Chapter offers a variety of programs to help children learn the importance of health and safety from an early age. Our programs include:
  • Basic Aid Training (BAT)
  • Water Habits Are Learned Early (WHALE)
  • Scrubby Bear Hand Washing

Children’s Safety & Outreach Programs

Basic Aid Training (BAT)

Appropriate For Children Ages 8–10

This program teaches general First Aid as well as procedures for handling breathing difficulties, bleeding, poisoning, burns and shock. Through a series of interactive quizzes, activities and games, BAT also empowers children to prevent many accidents by giving them the basic skills they need to identify potentially harmful situations.

Children’s Safety & Outreach Programs

Water Habits Are Learned Early (WHALE)

Appropriate for Children Ages 5–10

This program teaches children how to identify, understand and avoid hazards around the water. Using activity sheets in conjunction with an animated video featuring Longfellow the blue whale, children find that learning about water safety can be fun.

Children’s Safety & Outreach Programs

Scrubby Bear Hand Washing

Appropriate for Children Ages 5–7

Using games, art projects and stories, this program teaches children about germs and instructs them in behaviors to reduce the spread of infectious diseases. Each lesson provides various activities that can be used depending on the skill level of the group. The curriculum provides extensions to subjects such as math, science, language, art and music.