Request Red Cross at Community Events

  • Request Red Cross at Community Events

The American Red Cross strives to build strong and sustainable relationships with diverse communities in North Florida to help people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies. In our efforts to promote preparedness in local communities, listed below are available services for event participation and on-site trainings/presentations.

To effectively staff events and support American Red Cross preparedness and outreach efforts, events received with less than 15 days notice may not be honored, unless otherwise stated. We appreciate your understanding in ensuring that we plan for the best staffing and service for your event. Thank you.

To make a request for the following services please submit request online by clicking the buttons below:

American Red Cross Info Booth

Trained Red Cross Volunteers provide preparedness and safety literature, including Be Red Cross Ready materials, and education on Red Cross programs, services and volunteering! Events typically include booths at community fairs. Table and chairs must be provided by the event host. A minimum of 50 event attendees required.

American Red Cross Preparedness Presentation

Trained Red Cross Subject Matter Experts present basic preparedness information. Presentations are approximately 45 minutes and the audience is expected to remain present throughout. Presentations are organized sponsored events (i.e “lunch-n-learn). A minimum of 10 individuals and available seating are required for each audience member.