Smoke Alarm Installation Request

  • New Hampshire - In-Home Smoke Alarm Installation Request
The North Florida Region is making homes safer through the Home Fire Campaign. At no cost to you, we would like to demonstrate some simple changes in the home that will help you protect your family against fire. In addition, the Red Cross will install a FREE smoke alarm within your home.

Please answer ALL the questions to request a visit. Participants will be notified to schedule an appointment for the FREE in-home smoke alarm installation.

Homes chosen for Smoke Alarm Installations will receive:
  • Installed smoke alarms.
  • Guidance in the development of a Family Disaster Plan.
  • All demonstration and services will be done by Red Cross-trained volunteers.

      Schedule an Appointment
      Please fill out the below form and we will do our best to accommodate your preferred timeframe.

      1. The Red Cross and its partners will install a limited number of free smoke alarms for those who cannot afford to purchase smoke alarms or for those who are physically unable to install a smoke alarm.

      2. A number of organizations are partnering with the Red Cross to accomplish the goals of our Home Fire Campaign. Depending on where you live and other factors, it is possible that we will forward your request to one of our partner organizations so they can contact you to set up an appointment.

      3. If you are able to purchase and install your own smoke alarm, but would like information on home fire safety and smoke alarm installation, please visit