Community Partners

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On a local and national level, the Red Cross works with government, businesses, media partners, labor unions, faith-based institutions, organizations and voluntary agencies to serve the community. Together, we identify resources and roles, share information and find ways to ensure a coordinated and efficient response to any disaster that strikes. Our work would not be possible in metro Atlanta without the generous support of our Red Cross emergency partners.



Division of Family and Children Services, Georgia

The Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) works in partnership with the American Red Cross to offer their Red Cross-trained employees as shelter workers during large disasters. This ongoing partnership was expanded in 2012 to include training for 1,000 DFCS employees statewide, a 33% increase over the number trained collectively in previous years. Of these, 80 people participated in additional training to qualify as Red Cross shelter managers. We’re grateful to DFCS and their employees for standing by with their support when the next big one hits!