Disaster Preparedness

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How to Get Prepared

Emergencies are more common than you may think. But it’s also easy for families and individuals to be prepared by taking three simple actions:
Get a Kit: Learn to Make Your Own or Purchase a Kit from the Red Cross Store.
Make a Plan: Create a Communication and Evacuation Plan. Learn How Online.
Be Informed: Learn How and Where to Get Information When Disaster Strikes.

Prepare for Disasters and Emergencies Now!

At the Red Cross we know first-hand that in a burst of destructive fury, floods, home fires, wildfires, and other natural hazards rob families of their homes and belongings, cause major disruptions to businesses, and cost billions in property damage and economic losses.

However, we have also learned that the social and economic costs of disasters can be dramatically reduced if families, businesses, and communities take proactive steps to reduce their vulnerability. We have joined forces with the insurance industry, emergency management and environment officials, educators, businesses, and other partners in our community to avoid the unnecessary losses caused by disasters.

Together, we are leading efforts across the nation to do more before disasters strike, to build a "culture of prevention" and to limit the harm inflicted on families and communities.