Disaster Preparedness Education

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The key to minimizing loss of life, personal injuries and suffering from natural or man-made disasters is public awareness, education and advance preparation. The American Red Cross has free information and disaster education programs available to teach individuals and families how to prepare for emergencies and disasters.

Prepare Your Family for a Possible Disaster

Download the following brochure containing information on how to "Get a Kit, Make a Plan, and Be Informed."

Be Red Cross Ready Brochure (pdf)

Disaster Preparedness Education

Schools, churches, neighborhood watch groups, retirement homes, business or any other public or private organizations are invited to call the Red Cross today and ask for a free presentation. The presentation could be general or hazard specific, for young children (puppets), senior citizens (disaster bingo) or ages in between. All presentations are free of charge and can last from one-half hour to one hour.

Together We Prepare - provides information to prepare for any type of disaster, from tornadoes to terrorism. Participants will learn how to develop a disaster plan, what to put in their disaster supplies kit, what to do following a disaster and first aid tips.

Disaster Bingo - Through this fun and entertaining presentation, participants learn about different types of disasters and how to become prepared through an interactive bingo game. In this session, B-I-N-G-O spells preparedness!

Severe Weather - affects everyone. Learn how to be prepared should severe weather impact your home and community.

Home Fire - Home fires are the number one disaster that occurs in our community and across the nation. Learn how to protect your family and your home. This program teaches how to inspect your home for possible fire hazards, how to plan and practice an escape route, how to create a family emergency plan and what supplies to have on hand in case of an emergency.

Winter Storm - Learn how to prepare yourself and your family for winter storms including excessive snow, ice and power outages at home and while in your car.

Earthquake - While not very common in the Midwest, a earthquake could occur in our community. Learn the basics about earthquakes and what simple steps you can take to protect you and your family.

Heat Wave - Heat Waves are a traditional part of summer in the Midwest. Learn the signs of heat-related illness, how to respond and ways to effectively cope with the heat.

Pandemic Flu - Teaches how to protect yourself and your family should a pandemic flu outbreak impact our community. Learn the difference between seasonal flu and pandemic flu and how the Red Cross is preparing to help our community during a potential flu outbreak.

Business Continuity Planning - Ensuring that a business is able to continue operations following a disaster is crucial for the continued success of the business. This program addresses the steps your business needs to take to develop a continuity of operations plan.

To schedule your presentation, please email Crystal.Smith2@redcross.org